Many Truths

While working in my garden this summer and processing, packing, freezing, drying, canning and eating all its yummy gifts, I’ve been getting many expanding insights, they just didn’t make it into this blog.  Some nights I was up until the wee hours of the morning canning zucchini or tomato sauce, listening to inspirational channelings or thought provoking interviews.  Life happened and insights moved on, but I just didn’t feel ready to post anything in this blog until I had done some more deep internal work.  The last few months I’ve been going inward to learn.  By following my higher-self direction, messages from my teaching Angels, and support from my dear spirit team.  I want to thank my family for being themselves, my loving and supportive husband for putting up with his pondering wife, my friends Dottie and Sara Kujawa for challenging me to dig deep, rise higher and view things differently, always always with love.  Like many others on the ascending path, this summer’s Lions Gate cosmic energy waves brought numerous personal growth opportunities on mental, emotional, spiritual and multidimensional levels while my body went through challenges adjusting and recalibrating to the higher frequencies.

So I found myself faced with the need to dive deep within myself and be utterly honest.  I did it with love and patience.  I’m sure there were moments my Guides and Spirit team wished they had ear plugs.  So I stepped back from all distractions and excess outside noise and searched and reprocessed and listened and cleared.  This brave and amazing process has allowed me to grow in my own consciousness.  It has allowed me to be grounded in what is essentially the authentic me.

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Note:  This is a compilation of my insights from this summer.  Much of it builds on previous blog posts and my husband had a suggestion that I provide links back to them.  The links are in blue.  I hope it’s not too distracting, but they will go more in depth and will hopefully make things more useful.

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I’ve been writing much about forgiveness and letting go because during this shift, any heavy emotional denseness will rise to the surface.  Our reaction to it is our indicator whether there is more work to be done.  We can be puzzled why it’s there, we can feel the pain again and justify old stuff, or we can feel nothing.  Experiences really are neutral, it is our judgment of whether it was good or bad that creates the pain.  It is up to us to either bless it and let it go on its way into the light, or work through anything that needs to be worked through first.  It really is up to us.  But I will say this one thing:  Forgiving and letting go is our golden key to our own personal ascension.

For one experience, there are many truths, from many different perspectives.  When something happens, we have a choice in how to respond.  We can get frustrated and angry, we can laugh about it, we can feel empathy and compassion, or we can feel nothing and just observe.  In each one of those choices, we are choosing a particular truth.  Each truth has a different vibrational level.  When we make the choice to align ourselves with a higher vibrational truth, it creates a higher vibrational reality.

Everything in our reality has a frequency.  Everything vibrates and everything interacts with eachother on an energetic level.  Our thoughts and emotions affect everything around us.  As we raise in consciousness, we are affecting our environment more rapidly.  The closer we can manage to get to love, gratitude and acceptance, and try to hold it there, our environment will respond.  If we have a meltdown, we can bet money something will break in the near future.  In order to create a happier life, we need to start by minding the frequency we give off and the power of intention from our consciousness.

Doing deep down clearing work is not easy and it does take courage.  If we take in all the chaos, other people’s pain, stress, work and financial challenges, family issues and ascension symptoms… some of us may feel that we just don’t want to be here anymore.  We have to be careful here, we can actually manifest a quick exit.  In the throws of this kind of emotional turmoil and fed-upness, one of the millions of thoughts that flies through is wondering why we (the individual we) are here.  Bringing us to that thought of wondering is turmoil’s purpose, because if we can quiet down enough to follow it, it leads us to wonder who we truly are.  And if we can just stick with that, it can open the door to beginning to remember who we are as an individual consciousness.

If we can put aside the basket of beliefs we acquired in our indoctrination into this life, we can clear what is clouding out the reason we are here.  Society, churches, schools, parents, families, government all paint the picture for us and tell us what is reality.  We arrived into this picture.  Churches tell us who God is and where he lives and how he will judge us and what happens to us if we don’t follow.  Does anyone else remember as a child wondering if stepping on an ant would send us to hell?

There is a long line of people on the other side waiting to come in.  They can’t wait to choose a life and parents and families and environments and circumstances that will all play out to put enough pressure on them to squeeze out who they are at their very core.  We come here in the physical because we need and want (!) to feel that intense pressure to change ourselves at the core.  On the other side it is all love and light.  There is so much acceptance that it is nearly impossible to change ourselves at the core.  It happens much faster here as we gather experience to learn and grow.  We have such a unique and precious opportunity for evolution here, there are those in heaven who are jealous of US being here on Earth at this time.

If we have the chance to look back over all our lives, we can see that we have basically done it all.  We have been and done the worst along with the best.  We have murdered and stolen, we have been on the giving and the receiving end, we have been selfless, and… we have gotten ourselves into situations of which there was no way out.  Over so many lives, we have been all things.

I remember being young and telling myself not to forget something.  It was something about myself or about my true home before I came here.  To remember who I really am.  It became more difficult as I aged and as trauma began to cloud my memory.  I am able to remember a feeling though.  It is there, imprinted on my memory and it gets stronger the more I forgive, and let go, and rise above.  I am Love.

Any time we come into a physical life, and have experiences here behind the veil, we take the risk of forgetting what we came here to learn and we can sometimes get caught up in something that makes more mess in our lives.  If we can choose a higher vibrational truth, a higher vibrational reality, if we are patient and hang in there, the clouds begin to reveal themselves as the illusion they, in truth, are.

When it comes down to it, it is our own feeling about experiences that creates karma.  If we can forgive and accept ourselves first and foremost, even before forgiving others, then we can work through what there is to work through more effectively.  We are taught in churches to forgive others, but we really do need to forgive ourselves first and accept the value of the experience to clear our karma and move on to a brighter life.

It occurs to me how important it is, when we get to this level of the game, to collect up all the pieces of ourselves that we spun off in this life.  Every time we experienced a trauma, a little fragment of us went off to somewhere safe.  When we had a wish to become something else, a small part went off to explore that possibility.  When we clear our spider webs with forgiveness and get to the point of understanding and acceptance that we are pure consciousness, those pieces become magnetized back into us.  It is no longer a problem accepting that I could have the capability to be a murderer or an abuser, because I realize that I have the capability to be all things- and I have been all things.

When we realize that we came back to clear and evolve our core self, we realize that Earth and the illusion of separation is a brilliant and effective way to work with only the part of us that needs working on or that we feel needs to be worked on.  If we can get to a point that we forgive ourselves and accept ourselves wholly, then karma becomes liberated and released.  Karma released becomes light codes to level us up.

It is when we feel resistance or strong emotion to something happening in front of us that we need to accept that we have that capability within us, because we have the capability to be all things.  Then we are released from gut reacting and we become the Observer.  That is the key to mastery.  We can say, “Yes, I have the capability to be and do that within me, but do I choose to be and do that in the moment?  No.”

Then the experience is transformed to wisdom and we have again remembered who we are.


Shifting Negative Thoughts

Once we make the decision that our negative thoughts have run amuck, we step into new life. By not giving them power through focusing on these negative thoughts and stories, we actually lift ourselves out of the muck. Haven’t we spent enough time trying to make it work out this way? Aren’t we ready to grab a lifeline and live our lives unencumbered so that we can unshackle our enthusiasm for living each moment of every day.

Today’s mantra: I release all remaining muck buried deep within me and replace it with the love that I AM.

Weathering the Storm

Times like this, when higher energies have us all akilter, we need to just trust and choose our highest vibrational reality.  Whatever is coming up right now, is being shaken to the surface to be looked at: forgiven, processed to uncover new insights, or blessed and released.  Sometimes it is just a test we’ve set up for ourselves to prove that we are finished with a lesson.  When we are overwhelmed like this, self-care is of the utmost importance.  A hot bath can do wonders to help us rise above.



I now release what no longer serves me and I AM open to receiving all that nourishes and is in complete alignment with my Soul’s purpose.

When we are overburdened and feeling it in our bodies, setting the intention to release everything that no longer serves us helps.  We don’t need to understand what it is that needs to be released, we just need to state it.  If we invite our higher selves to help us, they will take care of the particulars.  We just need to initiate and command it.  It may take days or weeks, and we may receive several visits or be worked on during the night, but our spirit team will never let us down.  We are loved and supported by the Universe, especially when we respond with love and gratitude.

I AM Enough

Current energies right now are bringing up old, old stuff. It is up to us whether we let it put us into a tailspin or not. If you are wondering why something is looking you in the face after so much time, it is here for you to determine whether you still need to do more work before making this next big leap forward.

If you feel there is nothing there anymore, then continue on your path, and do not give it a second thought. Bless it and move on. Use the mantra: I AM ENOUGH. 💜

When It’s Hard to Let Go

Changes that suddenly come upon us. Changes that slowly creep up and then whisper in your ear “it’s now or never.” Changes that call us gently and urge our response.  Changes that we know are coming, but we put off again and again, knowing that when we can no longer do it, it’s gonna be painful.

How we deal and manage change is all part of our learning and mastery of hearing our inner guidance and choosing how we are going to create next.  When we are connected with our inner self, our higher self, and God, our lives become beautiful fluid works of art that enable us to learn about who we are so that we can creatively express it outwardly.  Holding onto things, situations and people we love keeps us from moving forward and creating new outwardly expanding expressions.

This summer is going to be all about reflecting on our lives and relationships.  Things that are heavy, stagnant or buried within us are going to be brought up in our faces to bring us to aha moments so that they can be finally personally reconciled, so that we can feel “I’m okay with it, I understand it now.”  Any heaviness has to be transformed into the fluid, flow of divine energy, without judgment.  The process is going to happen whether we are ready or not.  The Earth’s vibration is rising and we are rising along with it.  Any heaviness may create blockages in our bodies, that may create sudden serious health issues, because our bodies cannot rise and properly adjust or recalibrate to the higher vibration of an energy wave.  The heaviness of holding onto pain, blame, guilt, shame, or fear can cause us sudden serious health issues during this time of rising with the new energy.

We are evolving into who we really are as divine beings, and that is Love.  Love energy flows and is fluid.  It creates beauty with every moment.  It breathes in and out and connects us to the All.  When we say the simple words “I AM” we align ourselves with the truth of our existence and affirm there is no judgment or fear… so we can just let go… and allow the thing we are letting go be of service for someone else, or be transformed into light, or just do what it will do and we need not know.  Usually when we let go there is a gift in it for us to discover.

My husband and I just went through a deeply emotional transition.  I began this blog eight years ago when we first embarked on our US travels in an RV.  Last week we sold our home on wheels, and yesterday we sold our truck.  Now that we put down some roots, live in a house, and work in the garden, travelling by RV just didn’t suit us anymore.  It took us four years to be able to do it. For me, it was so hard to say goodbye to that life, but we just had to just do it, just couldn’t hold on any longer. We traded the truck for a hybrid.  We plan to travel the New England states and visit our grandkids who just moved to Maine.  This will allow us to fill in the last states on our map, the map we used to track the states we have visited, like most RVers do.

So, in letting go of something we loved dearly, even though it was very hard, we opened the door to new life, so that we can create new expressions of who we are, working in partnership with our environment and in the flow of the new energy… and someone else will get to create and express themselves with the things we have released.  When we align ourselves with our highest vibrational reality, old energy baggage transforms into flowing creations of new energy experiences.  And that is what we came here for… to keep expanding and learn through experience.


Choosing our Reality

Been so busy this spring season. Seems like every time I get the inspiration to write, either life takes over or I need some rest first. So, I’m going to make this short and sweet…

I want to share a new mantra that I’ve been working with, saying it several times a day, especially when family drama arises, is:

I align myself with my highest vibrational reality.

It really seems to do the trick to keep my feelings neutral so they don’t interfere with a clearing and healing and forward movement.


To The Caregivers

IMG_1445-10-Edit.jpgTo all those who have stepped up, whether as a professional, friend or family member, I bless you.  You are a unique old soul who has heard the call to service and stepped in as a caregiver.  You give of yourself when it counts.  You are there for the good days, bad days and really bad days.  You have received the brunt of blame and anger when there was nobody else around.  You are the safe haven to be told the darkest fears and carefully guarded secrets.

I want to address caregiving from a metaphysical standpoint.  Whether this was a soul contract, a prearranged plan before coming into this life, or it was a confluence of circumstances, being a caregiver is one of the hardest jobs there is.  The challenge of balancing daily grief and still keeping an open heart can be huge.  Sometimes all one wants to do is curl up into a protective cocoon and just go through the motions of the job… or of life.

IMG_1461-20-Edit.jpgThe old standby belief that people get nutty around a full moon has to do with how someone is reacting on subtle energy levels to a change in energy coming to the Earth.  It goes in cycles.  But the energy waves hitting the Earth right now are different, and we are all reacting uniquely.  The waves of energy coming more frequently now are slowly raising our vibrations.  We need to keep ourselves clear of emotional baggage and connect inward to run the energy through us so we can smoothly ride the energy upward.  But, as we are seeing in the world, some can be having a difficult time with the energy and the result is chaotic behavior.  Those with health challenges can be particularly vulnerable to being adversely affected by the energy.  Which can make being a caregiver even more challenging.  Whether they are feeling it more, or there is some short-circuiting going on, I am not sure.  But when an energy wave comes, we all go through a re-alignment and adjust to the new higher vibration, and a caregiver is more likely to be someone who is caring for someone who is having difficulty making the adjustments.

As if one needed anything more taxing on their already well utilized skillset of coping skills.  So, coming from a metaphysical energetic perspective, I give you these little nuggets:

IMG_1446-Edit.jpgIf you are having a day where you are on the receiving end of negativity, you are in a special place in the circuit.  Try not to pass it around to the next person and try to find a way to release it to the Universe to transmute into Love.  You will be helping the energy of the planet as a whole.  To help yourself not absorb it into yourself, try stating “I nullify this energy and release it to the Universe to transmute into Light.”

Water has energy and as proven by experiments performed by Dr. Masaru Emoto, we can put energy into our water with our intentions.  Take a sharpie and write the word “LOVE” on your water bottle.  Program Love and Peace into your patient’s water with your intention.  It will make a very subtle yet important difference on the cellular level.

IMG_1460-Edit.jpgI’m going to sound like everyone else here when I say, you have to take care of yourself first.  That is actually the name of the game for everyone during the shift though.  We all have to clear out pain and emotional issues to be better able to run the new energy through us.

I Just want to mention here, a few energetic self-maintenance practices (most I’ve covered in this blog or certainly can be googled.)

  • Keep grounding yourself
  • Flush yourself with water
  • Meditation and connecting inside
  • Exercise like walking and yoga
  • Get out into nature
  • Eat lighter and change stress eating to eating foods with energy
  • Train yourself to change negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Declutter your space
  • See yourself as the shining Angel that you truly are
  • When you are feeling bombarded, use the Law of Attraction to turn it around and make a list of all the things for which you are grateful

It may seem most days like you have the lowest job on the totem pole.  A thankless position.  But, from a spiritual standpoint, you are the bravest, strongest shining star in the sky.  You may feel all alone at times, but you have Guides, Family and Angels all around you and you are never alone.  When you need help, ask them.  Ask for them to show you signs they are there.  Then keep your eyes open for little things that catch your attention like synchronicities.  You are more beloved than you will ever know, and you are more than you realize.  The soul you are caring for is better because you are in their life, and that is huge.  Your innate ability to heal is a gift.  Your patience and tolerance is cherished.  You are loved by the Universe and your work is so very special.  You are blessed and upheld in the highest spiritual regard.



The Nuts and Bolts of Overreaction

IMG_1442.JPGWe’ve all been there… having a seemingly innocent interaction, and suddenly someone flares at something or someone, leaving those around scratching their heads.  If we could bread down what is happening, we could then understand what is really going on, in order to not be adversely affected, and to help that person heal.

When someone has pain so deeply buried, that they are not even aware it is there, something in the present may spark a subconscious remembrance to that pain and immediately frustration musters and defenses rise.  They may not know why.  The ego may or may not be involved to fuel the fire.  The reaction could be to built up conflict within themselves and may have nothing to do with the present situation at all.

Behind the scenes, deep within that human, is a wounded child with energetic tendrils attached to their own painful experience that has come to the surface in that moment.  They may be physically in the present moment but with them is every unresolved conflict from their past.  They may be looking at you, but they may be seeing someone or something else that has hurt them deeply.  If they are unable to become aware of what is going on, they may need help.  Those energetic cords from the painful experience that are escalating their reaction need to be cut, so the past can be cleared, and they can be fully present and able to move forward.

In various posts, I’ve been discussing many ways we can clear our own “baggage.”  But that is when we are aware of our stuff, and willing and able to do the work.  What do we do when someone is standing in front of us, is visibly volatile, and unable or unwilling to admit that the reason they are seething is because of what is going on inside of them?

A couple things…

  1. If that person is unable to quiet and listen to reason, then we need to realize that at some point in their lives, most probably when young, their tendency toward kindness and caring was forced out of them.  Perhaps they were forced into survival mode by a parent under threat of punishment.  Perhaps they were bullied and were forced to survive.  We can think of any number of abusive circumstances where warmth and compassion were relinquished to aggression in the name of survival.  They may be hardened to even care how their behavior affects others, perhaps because if they let themselves see it, a dam would burst and they would be overcome with pain and guilt.  Maybe they have been holding up that dam for so long that the fear of it breaking and the flood of emotion engulfing them is enough to avoid seeing the truth of how they are overreacting.  Biochemical and neurological imbalances can be influencing their emotions.  One thing that silently screams truth is that they are in trouble.
  2. When we speak to them, we need to be in a place of centered calm.  If we are feeling one bit defensive, then we need to cut our own cords, and clear the experiences from our past that make us feel anything but love and compassion, so we can be a true voice of healing.  If we can speak in a way that reminds them to respect other people’s boundaries, we can also remind them to respect another’s humanity, we may get a foot in the door.  Speaking harshly or with anger will not get through.  It will only remind them of the abusive system that created their pain.  If we quietly show them the unnecessary sharpness or violence of their behavior, without our own anger amplifying their reaction, we may be able to get through, and create an “aha moment” for them.  If we confront them with anger, it only reinforces their belief that they need to see the world as unsafe, and further perpetuates their belief that they must fight to stay alive in order to save the little part of themselves that they have left.

If that person is a coworker, friend or family member and we have to be in close proximity to them, we may ask for help from their Higher Self, Guides and Angels to help them cut the cords to their painful experiences so that they can find their stability.  We can ask for them to be surrounded with light to aid their clarity and allow them to step out of their pain to claim their personal sovereignty.  This only aids the energetic vibration of the whole, as we all proceed with our own personal ascension.  It may allow them to heal enough so that they may help others to heal also, from their own personal experience.


I ask for _______ to be surrounded by healing light.

I ask for their Higher Self, their Guides and Angels to help them cut the cords of their pain and fill them with love and clarity.

I believe ____________ will heal and become whole for the highest good of All.

I ask for the Light of the Universe to always accompany them.

If Reality Were Malleable

The Mandela effect is here to catch our attention.  It is a cue to wake us up to new possibilities.  It is here to show us that our reality is totally malleable… and we are only limited by our beliefs… or are we?


If one person went onto the hologram deck and created some snow scenery to play around in…


…then the next person came onto that same snow scenery, but thought it looked a bit parochial, so they decided to punch it up a bit, and make it sort of surreal and a little bit spooky.


Then another crewmember comes onto the holodeck and feels that this isn’t to their taste, and felt a little cold and wet, so they give everything a southwest motif.


Well, when a fourth crewmember boards the holodeck, they figure this is all wrong, so they decide to play around with the adjustments and make it look andfeel like a true Charles Dickens Christmas scene.


Then the ship’s Empath comes aboard and she’s been tired from feeling everyone’s complaints lately, and sees all the adjustments in the holodeck’s data history and she decides that everyone needs to experience a rainbow iridescent light-filled snow crystalline experience, so she  sets the controls so that everyone will get the rainbow crystal world experience.

Think you’re scratching your head wondering what the moral of the story is… how do you think the little red bird hiding in one of the bushes is feeling.