The Rise of Kindness


As the familiar patterns of our world began to fall away, the first reaction is commonly fear.  Our daily routines are now gone. Worries about whether our favorite foods will be on the shelves, or if we will bring a virus home to our families come forefront.  How to juggle children, pets, work from home, getting food and supplies, all while staying within 6 feet of anything that might carry disease.  Quietly, a new awareness is evolving within us.  With that space between us, we are tending to look at one another and hope them well.  We hope they and their loved ones will stay healthy.  Our own health depends on it.

For the first time in history, there are no wars on the planet.  Our whole planet must work together to hack a common threat.  While all this is going on, the Earth is healing.  She is sending out vibrations of peace all around.  She has a fully online system to suck in darkness and negativity, then nullifies it.  The anger and frustration that was raging just weeks ago is subsiding and we are finally able to heal from the inside out.  Empaths are finally getting a break from the bombardment of turbulent emotions around them.  The BIG picture view is that our world is changing.

IMG_2608a.jpgNew Year’s Day I had the message that this year we would be supported by new energy.  I knew something was coming that would spark big change, but I had no idea this would be it.  If you observe around you, you will see that parents are now home spending more quality time with their children.  Priorities have shifted, so we are appreciating what we have and make do with less extraneous stuff.  People are grateful for those still servicing their local communities in the areas of health and caregiving, warehouse workers managing distribution of essentials (like food,) emergency response, postal and package delivery, trash collection, and those that keep our energy, water, TV & internet services running.  Real gratitude is coming to the forefront of people’s minds.

People are sitting out on their porches and waving hello, feeling glad others are still in good health.  They are getting out into the fresh air soaking up sunlight and walking.  They are spending more time with their pets.  Pets are getting more exercise.  Real food is being cooked at home, a whole lot healthier for mind and body.  Better choices are being made because our choices are becoming limited.  People are slowing down and getting more out of each moment.  They are beginning to not miss all the distraction, all that mindless other stuff.

We have been prepared for this.  Even if you doubt this, let me suggest that our consciousness has been hard at work crafting this process during our dreamtime.  I have come out of sleep catching myself attending classes and giving lectures on some astral plane, somewhere.  We are so much more than we realize, and there is so much more going on than what the news reports.

IMG_2608b.jpgThe best way to help hasten our ascension process is to stay out of fear.  Use your Goto’s to lift out of fear and frustration and reclaim your calm (see post, “This is The Great Awakening.”)  It’s good to be aware of what is happening in the news, but we don’t have to immerse ourselves in it.  Staying grounded in our own selves, as unaffected by the chaos as possible.  Focusing on taking in as much of the new energy coming in through the Sun and from the Earth as we can, undeterred by the distractions.  Use the breath to help the body during intense energy waves.  Just as if we were giving birth, which we are.  Our priority is to take in the new energy, staying grounded to the Earth, while adjusting, recalibrating and releasing the old energy that no longer serves us.  We are taking in the new and getting rid of the old, right inside our physical bodies.  As the new codes activate, our consciousness expands.  This is our primary job right now.

As we refuse to let fear take over, kindness will continue to rise in our world.  No matter what truths arise after this pandemic, we will care more about ourselves and our neighbors because of what we are all going through now, together.

Do not fear… trust the Divine plan.

Ben Falk: Victory Living for Pandemic and Everything After

Growing food for nutrients for our bodies are becoming more and more important for our survival.  Either by turning our lawn into food producing gardens, or by having a shared garden space in cooperation with our neighbors.  The first video is a webinar that Ben Falk held live this morning.  The second video is his TedTalk from 2013.  Ben is a land designer focused on permaculture food production.  His website is: Ben’s book, The Resilient Farm and Homestead, can be found on Amazon or Ben’s website.


Gifts from the Earth to Support us During this Time

Don’t forget to clean your smartphone screen often.  A bit of alcohol on a paper towel or a disinfectant wipe should do it.  You will have to check with the manufacturer of your device as to what will do the job without damaging your screen.

If you are not in total lockdown, it might be a good time to plant a garden.  It’s spring planting season here in the northeast US.  I’ve been encouraging neighbors to consider it with the offer of my extra seeds. If you don’t have the ability to grow in your area, you might consider growing lettuce greens indoors in containers with a growlights or a hydroponic setup.

Produce here is still coming into our stores in reduced quantities.  That’s good because fresh fruits and veggies are what we should be eating now to keep our immune systems strong.  But if we cannot get out to a store, consider getting your greenery medicine from what is right in your back yard.  Like Taraxacum, otherwise known as the Dandelion.  I made my first batch of dandelion tea last week and I couldn’t believe what a pick-me-up it was.  The more I drank, the better I felt.  Native Americans called Dandelion the perfect plant medicine.

To make Dandelion Tea:  Dig up a dandelion that hopefully hasn’t been treated with week spray, wild is best.  Wash thoroughly.  Cut off tops and put in a kettle or sauce pot.  Cut up roots into inch size pieces. Roast roots in oven for about 20 mins at 350° F.  You just want them dry with a nice roasted flavor.  Put roots in pot with tops and cover with water.  Simmer for 15-20 mins.  Strain and drink.  Can add honey and lemon.

Dandelion has been traditionally used for gall bladder issues and as a diuretic.  However, dandelion has mild antipyretic, antispasmodic properties with aids in the ability to bring up phlegm and making it less viscous.  It is rich in micronutrients and the roots are rich in vegetable protein.  It is a traditional cheap way to aid recovery after illness, and not a bad idea to have some during this time.

Herbalists are discussing elderberry, turmeric, licorice root, garlic, alder and ginger as our allies in this battle with the corona virus.  Not only for supporting the immune system, but new research is being done on some because it is suspected that they lessen the impact of COVID-19.  I will let you do your own research here, but it would not be a bad idea to get more of these into your diet now.

IMG_2527.jpgAlso, I have been in love with medicinal mushroom tea.  Medicinal not magical…  It’s like Mother Earth gave us these little gifts to help support us on our journey here, and that is truly magical.  It started when my son sent me some chaga from a birch tree in his woods in Maine.  I broke off a tiny piece and put it in my kettle and simmered it for a few hours.  It became a dark brown liquid.  I added some to my coffee and instantly felt a heat around my head and my sinuses began to clear.  Chaga has melanins, phenolic compounds, and lanostane-type triterpenoids in a nutrient-dense superfood with numerous anti-cancer and anti-viral health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, slowing the aging process and reducing inflammation.  As I learned more, I found several other mushrooms being studied for their serious health benefits. Some of which I found right in my grocery store produce aisle.  Oyster, Chanterelle, Porcini… even the adorable button mushroom.  I’ll leave it to you to do your own research, but I mention medicinal mushroom tea to help tip the scales in our favor during this time.  The good stuff in medicinal mushroom tea does not break down with heat so you can cook with it.  Also, you can freeze it in ice cube trays and keep in your freezer for when you need it.  Turkey Tail is a little fan shaped mushroom with colorful stripes that grows on stumps in most areas.  I’ll bet you have some right near you.  It has serious anti-cancer properties and is the best-selling anti-cancer drug on the market in Japan.  I started with chaga and then added these other mushrooms to my tea as I discovered them.  Next, I would like to find some Reishi.  If you begin foraging for mushrooms, be very careful you are identifying the correct mushroom and be mindful of lookalikes, if any.  It is a great way to get out in nature and interact with our beautiful Earth.

The fact that the whole of humanity on the planet are dealing with the same thing is bringing us together in ways we never did before.  Just think about that.  For the first time in modern history, we are all dealing with the same problem.  We are taking on practices that protect ourselves from getting the disease and prevent our passing it to others.  On a personal level, we have had to think of others as well as ourselves.  Our collective compassion will change the way we see things in the future.  It will change the way we do things from this moment on… and that will fuel our ascension.

On New Years Eve at the start of this year, I was shown a bright, clean, beautiful Earth.  I felt excitement and anticipation.  I had no idea how we would get there, but it felt strongly like it was coming.  The brightside of the Corona Virus COVID-19 personal quarantine and lockdown, is that the Earth is healing.

Here’s a site with some very thorough information on herbs and foods that support the immune system against viruses like COVID-19.



This is The Great Awakening

It’s happening.  The Great Awakening.


Firstly, fear needs to be addressed.  Panic and hoarding can be shifted out of fear into a higher frequency of the belief and knowing that whatever we need will appear at just the right time.  It will just appear.  Using the power of intention and statements inline with the Law of Attraction- making the statement as if it has already happened, thanking the Universe for bringing it to you before it happens- is the new paradigm of co-creation with the Universe.

Second… Third wavers are waking up now.  Second wavers are already online and the First wavers who have been doing this work on their own for 20 years or so are showing the way.  It’s up to us to work in community with others to get all of us and create in the new paradigm.

This time now that we are going through with staying home and social distancing practices during the Corona Virus outbreak is a reset.  Going forward, we will be doing things a lot differently.  Whole systems are going to change.  They needed to change.  They have to change because the Earth is changing.  If the Earth stayed in her same lower frequency, our old systems would still serve us.  But she is raising her frequency and we are going with her.  We need to get ourselves to the point that we help her.  We need to work in our relationships and communities to create new systems appropriate to the new higher frequencies.

Higher frequencies have been coming in waves… holidays, full moons, special dates (2/2, 3/3, 4/4,) Equinoxes and solstices.  With each wave we are raised a little higher and then we get a break to adjust.  It’s uncomfortable.  There are physical symptoms (google “ascension symptoms”.) We feel uncomfortable and emotions and thoughts are spewing out of us like fountains as if they are being vibrated to the surface to come out of us into the light so we can see what’s been buried deep inside and now we must deal with them in order to let them go.

When we are feeling like that, we need to use our goto’s to help us get grounded and back in balance again.

  1. Get out in nature. When we walk or sit in nature, we entrain with the natural rhythm of the Earth, which is going to be our new base line in order to be able to function well.  Walking barefoot, sitting in the woods and listening to the sounds and soaking in the energy, sitting in the sun and soaking in the sun’s energy, are the first and best way to feel better.
  2. Body Movement. Happy, joyful movement, whatever works for you…  Walking, running, dancing, yoga, Tai Chi… will help our body circulate the energy and open energy centers and move stagnant energy out of our field.
  3. Good Conversation. Good conversation with others in our community helps release the happy hormones like oxytocin and serotonin.
  4. Swimming, taking a bath, showering and drinking more water brings new energy to our bodies and helps our bodies clear out the old stuff.  We can add essential oils and salts to enrich the experience.
  5. Get into Flowstate. Do something creative. Draw, paint, cook, garden, singing, music, anything that takes you into a state where what you do just flows and you do not need to think about what you are doing anymore.
  6. Find your own goto. We can find our own unique goto’s to help get us through hard times so we can get restored in a natural way.

In order to heal and raise ourselves into the new paradigm there are a few key steps we can follow to get ourselves, and possibly others, there.

  1. Identify every programmed belief, judgment, opinion that brings us down and ties us in, anchors and entangles us with the 3rd dimension paradigm reality. (things that make us worry, sad and fearful) Identify them, then shift and uplevel your perspective related to those things.
  2. Activate, download and awaken the higher dimension info, dormant DNA and frequencies. Uplevel your vibratory state and awaken the Sacred Consciousness within your awareness.  Nature, prayer, meditation, time spent in a sacred community and being with animals all helps.
  3. Find your new sacred neutral- your new higher frequency. Find the inner vibratory frequency within you that becomes your own Divine neutral.  Reconnecting with the sacredness within you and knowing who you really are.  What your own vibration is, what’s good, right and true for you, and what is right with your own integrity and truth.  Who are you in the new paradigm?  How do you represent what is your truth and how does that serve the greater good?
  4. Ask yourself- How do you use that in service and contribution to the world?
  5. Choose your experience- How do you create your reality? What is the choice you’re going to make- that choice comes from within, not as a reaction to the external world, but from a non-reactive inner-self.  The old paradigm world has power over us, in the new paradigm we consciously choose every thought, emotion, vibratory state and create from within, based on conscious choice.
  6. Use your community to create together. Finding new better ways to do things that are in line with our own higher vibrational integrity and truth.

Healing Through The Divine Matrix


In this higher vibrational energy, when issues from our past come up, or physical pain in our bodies, it is a signal that it is time to release these old remnants.  In fact, ruminating or reacting to these old issues represses our true selves from rising above and staying in the higher vibrations that we have the rare gift of experiencing here, right now.  By feeling stuck in our stories of loss and betrayal,  we give more attention to our grief, anger, guilt, grudges, excuses, and defenses, we are robbing ourselves of the opportunity to feel God’s Love coming alive all around us right now.

In Gregg Braden’s season 3 of Missing Links on Gaia right now, he describes the field of energy around us, currently being scientifically proven, called the “divine matrix”.  It is the space between all matter that creates a matrix for us, it is alive and aware and consists of the energy of compassion.  Gregg says that if you took out all the space in our Universe, the amount of actual matter would fit inside a single green pea.  All the rest is this energetic web that moves and flows through and around every single thing.  It is divine intelligence itself and interacts with our actions, thoughts and emotions.  It is the Universe, it is the consciousness of God.

I remember laying down in the grass one cloudy day about 20 years ago.  I took some deep breaths and cleared my mind and closed my eyes.  I set the intention to see the grid all around us.  I wanted to see it, and I asked to be helped to see it.  When I opened my eyes, I saw tiny moving sparks, dancing all around.  It helped that it was cloudy, with the clouds in the background as contrast, and as I lengthened my gaze outward, I noticed it was everywhere.  It felt happy and loving and magical.

Before God’s Big Bang, with all the matter of the Universe compressed into the size of a green pea (and very, very hot,) Gregg explains that this is how we are all connected, because we all once emanated from the same source inside that divine cosmic green pea.  We were all One.  And through the new laws of quantum theory, as in the 1997 University of Geneva twin-photon experiment performed by Dr. Nicolas Gisin, when a pair of photons are separated apart by physical space, they have a mysterious long range connection where what is done to one photon such as a change in charge or physical movement, shows an instantaneous identical result in the other photon.  Our connection does not dissipate despite being separated by physical distance.

So, by using our belief in our connection through the divine matrix, and the compassionate intelligence in which it is comprised, we can begin to heal the pain and stress of our present, with divine help.  All we need to do is put doubt aside, open our mind, set the intention to be heard by God and our spirit team, and ask for the help.  Then keep our eyes open for signs, and listen for messages.

In Netflix’s An Interview With God, and I’m not spoiling too much here, there is a defining moment when journalist Paul Asher comes to the realization that the underlying reason the interviews are occurring is because Paul is going through a major life crisis and in his prayers, asked for divine help.  Using the utmost patience and compassion, the interviewee, God, had to break through all of Paul’s grief, anger, grudges, excuses, and defenses in order to give him that help.  We can facilitate this process for our best and highest good by trusting the Universal compassionate intelligent field and just hit the pause button on those feelings and emotions of grief, anger, guilt, grudges, excuses, and defenses, long enough to try something totally different.  Different, that is, from the beliefs we acquired during our life through schools, parents, society and religions.

If we step out of our shoes for a moment and take a glance at ourselves from an eagle’s eyeview, we might glimpse that if we continue to hold onto these feelings and emotions IMG_2095.JPGof grief, anger, guilt, grudges, excuses, and defenses, we only continue the cycle that we are complaining about.  The pain, stress and health of our physical bodies will inevitably push us to this point sooner or later.  Just like in the movie, An Interview With God, we are going through a crisis of the soul, but do not know where to get the best help, and feel helpless to get there.  The longer we stay on the current course, the more disappointed and bitter we become and we may not want to even be here anymore.  Sometimes we have asked God for the help, but our door is still closed to receiving.  Opening ourselves up to allowing God to see things for which we may carry guilt, shame and self-blame can be super scary.  Particularly if we grew up in a system that told us that God would judge us and punish us some day.  Oh the fear those beliefs instilled… which was particularly useful to scare a population into behaving better toward eachother (cough, medievil times, cough.)  This is a new era now.  There is a new energy pushing us to evolve past those old beliefs and free ourselves to create the peace and happiness we deserve.  Believe me, we have God’s permission to use our free will to hit the pause button on our pain cycle, shift our focus to claim our sovereignty.  Just like in the movie, in a beautiful act of salvation, we do have the power to change the things we are getting tired of complaining about.

In my own experience, I have used a technique similar to the consciousness hack developed by Bill McKenna explained in his interview with Regina Meredith the attached video below.  He describes how we can reverse pain, even pain we have carried for years by using our focus and conscious intent.  My own process, with the help of God, my Guides and spirit team, using prayer and tapping into the divine matrix, with the intention of the highest good and healing for the person or persons I am focusing on, has brought profound healing and gifts into my life.  You can do it too.

So, I want to share my own process with you.  Think of it IMG_2087.JPGas a tip or a technique or a tool, but if you can rally the courage to try it for yourself, it can open doors to something better for you.  Just press the pause button on your beliefs, add a little wonder if there is something good behind this new door for you, and give about 15 minutes of your time to try it out.

When a painful memory, or problem, or chronic health issue comes up, I sit or lay down and put my focus on it.  Let’s call it our target.  I invite God, my Guides, Angels, Arch Angels and my Spirit Team to help.  Very simply, I use my imagination to see that target (pain, experience, health issue, person, loss, betrayal, emotion, etc.) surrounded by the compassionate divine field that exists in and around us all.  Because I know we were once all one with God, and that we are all connected, I summon up the feeling of compassion and forgiveness as best I can.  If I cannot feel it strongly, that’s okay, the intention that I do so is simply enough.  I imagine that target as healthy and abundant and in perfect happiness, emanating light all around them.  I hold this for a number of minutes with as clear an intention as possible and no expectations for an outcome.  Then I give compassion and forgiveness to myself.  Because I know I am of The Light also, I thank God and the Universe for the experience and what it has taught me.

And then, I gently wake myself out of it and go on about my day.  I try not to look back and judge the healing I just performed, I simply let it be.  And gently move on.  Maybe even pretend that what happened becomes reality, but it doesn’t matter, because the Divine Matrix will take care of all the details, and we can trust it because it is made of compassion.




A Course in Miracles

DSC_0225.JPGStarting off the new year with a very special useful tool in healing called A Course in Miracles.

I first bought my copy of A Course in Miracles in 1994.  It is a book of 365 short lessons, one lesson per day.  The lessons build on previous lessons, and the only “work” is just a few minutes of quiet reflection.  It was incredibly helpful to me.  Years later when I met my husband, I learned he had studied the course several times.  My husband says, “If you’ve ever wondered why you are here, or what life is all about, A Course in Miracles clarifies and answers these questions by changing your perceptions, gently.  It’ll change your life.”

My friend, Steven Dean has started a daily Youtube A Course in Miracles lesson, and I believe there is nobody better to teach it.  The first three lessons are posted here.  What better way to start off the New Year.

You can subscribe to Steven’s Youtube channel, TheSnedderingYunk to continue with his daily lessons.

Using Problems to Rise Above


The problems in our lives.  We would prefer they not show up in our lives right now.  We would prefer to have a happy day without something happening that makes us feel a little bit of dread and intrudes on our smooth, happy workflow and our joy.  Those big or little problems that keep popping up and just won’t go away.

If we are willing to be totally honest and ask ourselves what thing or things pop up and disrupt our flow of passion, what things linger in the background of our heads that disturb our joy?  Without victim shaming or invalidating anyone’s experiences, I propose that we loosen our grip on the reasons these problems are foremost in our minds or hover in the backs of them as we try to go about our day, just for the purpose of looking at it in a way we may not have considered.  By using our conscious mind to redefine these things, we may just be able to effect the kind of change that always seemed elusive.

We’ve all been hearing that we should try to stay in the present moment.  The now is where our power lies to choose the path with which we will resonate.  That thing we don’t like may have shown up at this moment in our lives for the purpose of giving us clarity on what we don’t want in our lives.  Seeing an example right in front of our faces, illuminated through contrast, helps us clearly determine what we do prefer.

By reframing those things as examples of what we do not prefer in our lives, instead of sticky problems needing a solution, constructively changes the energy of it to be that of a simple tool.  Converting the illusion of “this menacing thing” hanging over our heads or taking up space in the backs of our minds into helpful tools is something we are allowed to do, and opens the door to allow things we do prefer into our lives.  We get a beneficial effect from this thing by using it to be more clear about what we do prefer in our lives.

If we announce something like, “Okay, this thing has shown up in my life just so that I can clearly decide what it is that I do prefer, so I can declare it, and bring more of what I do prefer into my life.” By staying in this state instead of fear, anxiety, confusion or anger, we only get a beneficial experience from it.  Since we cannot perceive or experience what we are not in the vibration of, we actually shift our vibration to what we prefer, so that we can experience more of what we do prefer.

If we are drawn to conflict, being curious and fascinated by it, we will draw more of it to our life.  If we carry a feeling of love, by focusing on doing things that we feel passionate about and bring us joy, then we bring more love into our lives.  We can treat things that we don’t like in a way that we can use them in a way that we do prefer, instead of trying to run from them, in order to get the beneficial effect from them.

We can also lighten up on ourselves.  Beliefs keep better things away, so we can attract new things that are more relevant for us naturally, if we loosen our beliefs and judgments.  When we lighten up, our vibration rises.  Experiencing more joy in our lives happens naturally as our vibration rises.  As our conscious vibration rises high enough, we can look back at that thing and it will actually appear non-sensical or illogical to us.  A clear indicator that we have used that tool well.  That thing that used to be a thing in our lives, now looks a bit silly.

We are fundamentally worthy of good things simply because we exist.  It is up to us to decide how we define those things that happen to us in our lives.  The saying, “God doesn’t always give us what we want, but rather what we need” comes to mind.  On the surface, those things may look different than we expected.  We have to stop judging them and understand they are there for a reason, as simple tools, so we can use them that way.


Doing Grief Differently by Sara Kujawa

This is a re-post of a beautiful article written by my friend and guest blogger, Sara Kujawa last year.  So pertinent for these holidays and times of memories and emotions.  Sara has a beautiful message of Love creating a new view of life as always renewing and never ending, allowing us to give ourselves permission to step into a space where all things are possible, and magical, and alive.



NORMANROCKWELLIt was not until my son Adam’s sudden passing in 2014 that I truly understood resisting change. How was I going to be able to bear having a family Thanksgiving, let alone a family Christmas ever again without Adam these traditions were so engrained in me and so important that I never thought it would change, and that they would always be “picture perfect”. I remember stating to my family weeks after Adam passed that I did not know how I was to be able to ever have another holiday without him being present and that I wanted to just skip over them from now on.

Little did I know what a journey I was about to embark on just months into my grief. I always believed in heaven and the afterlife growing up. As an adult, I gained a greater understanding about heaven and the knowing that our loved ones will give us signs to let us know they are there. I knew and accepted that they could send a message through, songs, animals, feathers, and of course pennies from heaven for I had my own experiences after my parents passed. A few months into my journey through grief I learned of energy healing which led me on the path of learning the importance of how not to resist change, and to have faith, and trust that God will only give us what we can handle. As I learned to lessen the resistance and accept that I could not change the past nor control the future, I was able to look forward with a bit more ease.

As I did more doors began to appear for me to open. I could sense and see my life’s path in front of me as the grief began to lessen. Forgiving those involved in my son’s accident, and forgiving myself for any hurts I felt I had caused, or any hurts that others had caused me or my family…that was the key. This opened me up, and my heart began filling with gratitude and grace for what I had endured.

As I began to accept the change, I was able to see how I could do grief differently during the holidays. You see I began communicating with my son firstly through signs and synchronicites, and also with the help of spirit translators (mediumship). My granddaughter had already been hearing her father, my son, since his passing. I had to let go of how my holidays used to be, and create new ways to celebrate, new traditions to help enjoy the holidays with the knowing that my son was right there with us in spirit. My perception of that Norman Rockwell holiday meal has changed. What is normal, what is picture perfect anyways?

Our loved ones in spirit check in on us all the time, in fact we are never alone, and they want us to recall happy memories and silly stories. I encourage you all to do grief differently during the holidays by thinking about your loved ones and reminisicining and writing letters to them, by making their special dish, putting photos out of them. Anything that will uplift you. Remember we are emotional beings so be kind to yourself. Respect your feelings and take special care of what you put into your body. Light exercise, plenty of water and getting out in nature as much as possible will help keep your body in balance. Surround yourself with positive people who uplift you. Honor your feelings and feel free to be able to express them verbally or by journaling them. Try to stay more present in your thoughts. Write out a mantra or an affirmation to help you to be more present. I modified the Reiki Principles as my go to mantra.

~Just for this hour I will not worry.

~Just for this hour I will not anger.

~Just for this hour I will be grateful.

~Just for this hour I will show kindness to all.

Please know that their is no right or wrong way to do grief but there is certainly a freer, more peaceful way.

Blessings to you all this holiday season…..


Editor’s note:  Sara is available for readings and coaching sessions.

Her website is:

Many Truths

While working in my garden this summer and processing, packing, freezing, drying, canning and eating all its yummy gifts, I’ve been getting many expanding insights, they just didn’t make it into this blog.  Some nights I was up until the wee hours of the morning canning zucchini or tomato sauce, listening to inspirational channelings or thought provoking interviews.  Life happened and insights moved on, but I just didn’t feel ready to post anything in this blog until I had done some more deep internal work.  The last few months I’ve been going inward to learn.  By following my higher-self direction, messages from my teaching Angels, and support from my dear spirit team.  I want to thank my family for being themselves, my loving and supportive husband for putting up with his pondering wife, my friends Dottie and Sara Kujawa for challenging me to dig deep, rise higher and view things differently, always always with love.  Like many others on the ascending path, this summer’s Lions Gate cosmic energy waves brought numerous personal growth opportunities on mental, emotional, spiritual and multidimensional levels while my body went through challenges adjusting and recalibrating to the higher frequencies.

So I found myself faced with the need to dive deep within myself and be utterly honest.  I did it with love and patience.  I’m sure there were moments my Guides and Spirit team wished they had ear plugs.  So I stepped back from all distractions and excess outside noise and searched and reprocessed and listened and cleared.  This brave and amazing process has allowed me to grow in my own consciousness.  It has allowed me to be grounded in what is essentially the authentic me.

♥ ∞ ♥ ∞ ♥ ∞ ♥ ∞ ♥ ∞ ♥ ∞ ♥ ∞ ♥ ∞ ♥

Note:  This is a compilation of my insights from this summer.  Much of it builds on previous blog posts and my husband had a suggestion that I provide links back to them.  The links are in blue.  I hope it’s not too distracting, but they will go more in depth and will hopefully make things more useful.

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I’ve been writing much about forgiveness and letting go because during this shift, any heavy emotional denseness will rise to the surface.  Our reaction to it is our indicator whether there is more work to be done.  We can be puzzled why it’s there, we can feel the pain again and justify old stuff, or we can feel nothing.  Experiences really are neutral, it is our judgment of whether it was good or bad that creates the pain.  It is up to us to either bless it and let it go on its way into the light, or work through anything that needs to be worked through first.  It really is up to us.  But I will say this one thing:  Forgiving and letting go is our golden key to our own personal ascension.

For one experience, there are many truths, from many different perspectives.  When something happens, we have a choice in how to respond.  We can get frustrated and angry, we can laugh about it, we can feel empathy and compassion, or we can feel nothing and just observe.  In each one of those choices, we are choosing a particular truth.  Each truth has a different vibrational level.  When we make the choice to align ourselves with a higher vibrational truth, it creates a higher vibrational reality.

Everything in our reality has a frequency.  Everything vibrates and everything interacts with eachother on an energetic level.  Our thoughts and emotions affect everything around us.  As we raise in consciousness, we are affecting our environment more rapidly.  The closer we can manage to get to love, gratitude and acceptance, and try to hold it there, our environment will respond.  If we have a meltdown, we can bet money something will break in the near future.  In order to create a happier life, we need to start by minding the frequency we give off and the power of intention from our consciousness.

Doing deep down clearing work is not easy and it does take courage.  If we take in all the chaos, other people’s pain, stress, work and financial challenges, family issues and ascension symptoms… some of us may feel that we just don’t want to be here anymore.  We have to be careful here, we can actually manifest a quick exit.  In the throws of this kind of emotional turmoil and fed-upness, one of the millions of thoughts that flies through is wondering why we (the individual we) are here.  Bringing us to that thought of wondering is turmoil’s purpose, because if we can quiet down enough to follow it, it leads us to wonder who we truly are.  And if we can just stick with that, it can open the door to beginning to remember who we are as an individual consciousness.

If we can put aside the basket of beliefs we acquired in our indoctrination into this life, we can clear what is clouding out the reason we are here.  Society, churches, schools, parents, families, government all paint the picture for us and tell us what is reality.  We arrived into this picture.  Churches tell us who God is and where he lives and how he will judge us and what happens to us if we don’t follow.  Does anyone else remember as a child wondering if stepping on an ant would send us to hell?

There is a long line of people on the other side waiting to come in.  They can’t wait to choose a life and parents and families and environments and circumstances that will all play out to put enough pressure on them to squeeze out who they are at their very core.  We come here in the physical because we need and want (!) to feel that intense pressure to change ourselves at the core.  On the other side it is all love and light.  There is so much acceptance that it is nearly impossible to change ourselves at the core.  It happens much faster here as we gather experience to learn and grow.  We have such a unique and precious opportunity for evolution here, there are those in heaven who are jealous of US being here on Earth at this time.

If we have the chance to look back over all our lives, we can see that we have basically done it all.  We have been and done the worst along with the best.  We have murdered and stolen, we have been on the giving and the receiving end, we have been selfless, and… we have gotten ourselves into situations of which there was no way out.  Over so many lives, we have been all things.

I remember being young and telling myself not to forget something.  It was something about myself or about my true home before I came here.  To remember who I really am.  It became more difficult as I aged and as trauma began to cloud my memory.  I am able to remember a feeling though.  It is there, imprinted on my memory and it gets stronger the more I forgive, and let go, and rise above.  I am Love.

Any time we come into a physical life, and have experiences here behind the veil, we take the risk of forgetting what we came here to learn and we can sometimes get caught up in something that makes more mess in our lives.  If we can choose a higher vibrational truth, a higher vibrational reality, if we are patient and hang in there, the clouds begin to reveal themselves as the illusion they, in truth, are.

When it comes down to it, it is our own feeling about experiences that creates karma.  If we can forgive and accept ourselves first and foremost, even before forgiving others, then we can work through what there is to work through more effectively.  We are taught in churches to forgive others, but we really do need to forgive ourselves first and accept the value of the experience to clear our karma and move on to a brighter life.

It occurs to me how important it is, when we get to this level of the game, to collect up all the pieces of ourselves that we spun off in this life.  Every time we experienced a trauma, a little fragment of us went off to somewhere safe.  When we had a wish to become something else, a small part went off to explore that possibility.  When we clear our spider webs with forgiveness and get to the point of understanding and acceptance that we are pure consciousness, those pieces become magnetized back into us.  It is no longer a problem accepting that I could have the capability to be a murderer or an abuser, because I realize that I have the capability to be all things- and I have been all things.

When we realize that we came back to clear and evolve our core self, we realize that Earth and the illusion of separation is a brilliant and effective way to work with only the part of us that needs working on or that we feel needs to be worked on.  If we can get to a point that we forgive ourselves and accept ourselves wholly, then karma becomes liberated and released.  Karma released becomes light codes to level us up.

It is when we feel resistance or strong emotion to something happening in front of us that we need to accept that we have that capability within us, because we have the capability to be all things.  Then we are released from gut reacting and we become the Observer.  That is the key to mastery.  We can say, “Yes, I have the capability to be and do that within me, but do I choose to be and do that in the moment?  No.”

Then the experience is transformed to wisdom and we have again remembered who we are.


Shifting Negative Thoughts

Once we make the decision that our negative thoughts have run amuck, we step into new life. By not giving them power through focusing on these negative thoughts and stories, we actually lift ourselves out of the muck. Haven’t we spent enough time trying to make it work out this way? Aren’t we ready to grab a lifeline and live our lives unencumbered so that we can unshackle our enthusiasm for living each moment of every day.

Today’s mantra: I release all remaining muck buried deep within me and replace it with the love that I AM.